Guest lectures

Guest Lecture on Financial Planning and Wealth Management

A Guest Lecture was scheduled on 23rd August 2022 on Financial Planning and Wealth Management. The session was organized by SBS CoE: Banking, Financial Markets and Economy to provide an insight to the learners on creation of wealth and planning and management of finances. The guest speaker Ms. Yukti Gada- Assistant VP CFP at Financial Planning Academy though provoking address enhanced the students’ knowledge and enable them to understand the role of financial planning and wealth management and its significance in their life.

Guest Lecture on Fintech: Creative Innovation for Entrepreneurs

A guest lecture was organized by SBS CoE: Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship on 22nd August 2022. The guest speaker Prof. Vaishali Ojha- Innovation Ambassador IIC- CII-KESSC shared her valuable insights to acquaint students with use of technology in provision of financial and banking services via start-ups.

Guest Lecture on Significance of Statistics in Research Methodology

A guest session was organized on the topic Significance of Statistics in Research Methodology on 9th September 2021. The Guest Speaker Prof. Gayatri Magi gave an insight into the various steps involved in a research process and also about the need for developing a hypothesis for research. The students derived a great deal of knowledge about the same. Prof. Gayatri also gave inputs about career options available in analytics and research and also shared her own life experiences with regards to the topic.

Guest Lecture on Foreign Language an upper edge to career graph

In business abroad it’s essential to have basic language skill which helps in many ways. For the reason to learn language skill, its prospectus in business, a session was organized with Ms. Rakhi Ranade who is well known expert, Professional Trainer and Translator in foreign language. The speaker has spoken about importance of foreign language in today’s scenario in the world of business. Emphasis on learning foreign language by the management graduate to benefited them more in MNC. She has spoken on top 4 foreign languages with the most speakers (Natives and Non-Natives) are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Guest lecture on “Stress Management”

The Guest lecture on “Stress Management” was conducted for all the PGDM students in our college on 07th September 2021. Dr. Anil kumar Garg, International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Coach and Counsellor, Strategic Thinker and Empowering Leader was a resource person. The speaker dealt with the inter association between spirituality, emotional intelligence and stress and also suggested that by considering, accepting and adopting intrusion based on spirituality and emotional intelligence dimensions, stress can be reduced. He also stressed that stress among students can cause adverse mental and physical side effects if left unaddressed. A simple mediation activity was done to explain how to overcome the stress in their life.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Guest lecture on International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

A Guest lecture was scheduled on International Day against Drug Abuse, challenges of drug and tobacco addiction. The guest lecture was scheduled on 26th June 2021 to enable them to understand the ill effects of drug consumption. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Pradeep Kamble, Program Officer, SRKPS (NGO), Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Blood Donation Camp

With an aim to contribute to society’s betterment, a blood donation camp was organized by Sasmira in association with Nair hospital. All the teaching, non-teaching staff displayed full commitment and involvement in the cause and turned up in large numbers to donate blood. Students also enthusiastically created awareness and donated blood.

Covid 19 Vaccination Drive

As the world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, several preventative measures have been advised to keep oneself protected. One of the preventive measures is getting oneself vaccinated. In the time of running shortage in procuring vaccination doses, Sasmira organized a free Covid 19 vaccination drive in association with Surana hospital on 24th June 2021 for general public and its staff members.

Celebrating Friendship Day with Nature (Rose Sapling Plantation)

Sasmira’s Business School (SBS) Centre of Excellence for CSR and Corporate Governance celebrated the friendship day on 6th August 2022 with nature in a special way to ingrain their bond of love and to restore Mother Earth. The students along with the faculty members at SBS donated rose saplings and tied friendship bands on the trees specifically green in colour to express their friendship and love for nature and mother earth; and took an oath on the occasion of Friendship Day to protect them.

Several rose saplings were donated and planted around the college boundary to mark the renewal of friendship with nature. The plantation drive is a social step taken forward towards the Green Campus initiative and was carried out under the theme, “Celebrating Friendship Day with Nature” to reinforce a sense of responsibility in the students towards the nature.  The purpose of this drive was to develop sensitivity towards the nature by doing something worthwhile and concrete to save our Mother Earth.

Each student left the place with a silent promise of taking care of their new green friend, they planted and to continue rendering their share of responsibility towards our Mother Earth and the nature. SBS with this plantation drive hopes for a sustainable environment consciousness condition for the future to increase the green cover.

Cleanliness Drive

The Government of India launched an initiative in the important sphere of Swachhta named “Swachhta Hi Seva”, where Educational Institutions have a key role to perform. Thus with this objective in mind Sasmira in order to further contribute their role in the existing measures being undertaken in ensuring hygiene so that mission mode pursuit leads to a mind-set of zero tolerance towards anything unhygienic organized a cleanliness drive from Sasmira to Worli Sea face.

Infact, a drawing competition along with the cleanliness drive was held too. The theme for the same was “Swachhta Hi Seva“. The competition was open for all Sasmira students.


The Entrepreneur cell (E-cell) is aimed at supporting and inspiring the budding entrepreneurs and the enthusiastic students towards their goals through required mentoring and fostering. The necessary resources would be obtained through networking, alumni-cell and other stake-holders.