SAMIKSHA- A Case Study Competition

Samiksha, is a National Case Study Competition for students which focuses on solving real time cases on challenges and opportunities prevailing in the society. In this competition, students utilize their teamwork, critical thinking, analysing and organizational skills to deduce a recommendation that they support in a presentation that they make. As a form of grounded learning experience, this case study competition exposes students to real world experiences, encourage them to take ownership of their learning and help to assimilate their ideas into theory and practice. With this view point and a continuing practice at SBS, the Case Study Competition was organised every year.

 “Samiksha, 2019” was organized on the theme “Exploring Social Issues and Social Challenges Prevailing in India” with an aim to explore the various social issues and social challenges prevailing in India so as to increase the awareness level among the students about these issues and challenges.

“Samiksha, 2021” was organized on the theme “Year 2021: Unlocking the Challenges and Opportunities” with an aim to explore and identify various challenges and opportunities to be unlocked in the Year 2021 so as to increase the awareness level among the students about these challenges and opportunities so as to find opportunities within a crisis or a challenge to unwind and look forward to new normal.

 “Samiksha, 2022” was organized on the theme “Restore our Earth: Role of Responsible Leadership” with an aim to ensure that for the sustainable flow of ecosystem services and products, the world must work to secure a net gain in the extent and functionality of native ecosystems by investing in environmental repair activities including earth’s restoration by way of focusing on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the earth.