UTTHAN- Elevating the Social Spirit

In view of the growing importance of social responsibility of corporations and their significant contributions to the national economy, SBS focuses on the areas of social responsibility and corporate citizenship for sustainable development of corporations both in the public and private sector by encouraging students to participate in many community development services. The community development services and initiatives are undertaken through various CSR activities planned, executed and implemented by specially created cell called as Utthaan- Elevating the Social Spirit.

At Sasmira’s Business School we strive to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility in our students towards the society and environment. For this, SBS has always put in the best of the efforts to perform an institute’s role in shaping the thought processes of its students and has, therefore, made social sensitivity a mainstay of its programme. Thus, at SBS we follow the practice of taking up a social cause and working towards it for an entire year and making fruitful contribution in that particular area. As we believe if you raise your hand, raise it for a cause and a cause that will follow atleast for a year to bring a noteworthy change.

The Social Cause in 2021: “Curb the problem of Drug Addiction”.

The Social cause in 2022: “Women Empowerment and Child Development”.