Centre of Excellence

The SBS faculty members are rich blend of experience and knowledge. In addition to teaching, faculty members are also continuously involved in industry based live projects and academic research projects, which provide new perspectives and understanding of the current trends and practises followed in business.
To focus on new and emerging areas of research and education, Centres of Excellence (CEO) have been established within the Institute in 2022. These centres utilize various resources received from its stakeholders, and interact with them to enhance core competencies


With the objective of undertaking continuous enhancement and improvement in academic and non-academic processes “Centre of Excellence” is set up to disseminate knowledge and share best practices with the students and faculty members. The Centres aims to provide a forward-facing, innovative education with a strong commitment to quality. These centres are strenuously working for the betterment of the students. The basic purpose of the Centre is to connect academia and industry to advance management education, research and outreach in key areas.

Broad Scope of Centres :

The broad scope of all centres is as follows:

  • Organising Training programmes and MDP Programmes.
  • Organising Guest Lectures.
  • Specialization Based Summit/ Seminars/ Workshops
  • Providing support to Industry for research projects.
  • Generating platforms for discussion on contemporary issues and business trends for students and faculty members.
  • Generating and satisfying knowledge quests among faculty members and students.
  • Development of specialized electives for equipping students to perform well in the industry sector the centre caters to.
  • Developing quality research output in terms of working papers, industry papers, referred journal articles, books, conference presentations, etc.

Centre For Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

The role of the entrepreneur has evolved over a period of time as the world’s economic structure has become more complex. Risk taking attitude, innovative approach and creation of wealth are the main criteria of any entrepreneur. Throughout history entrepreneurs have transformed society by generating innovative ideas and implementing them pragmatically.
The Centre For Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation at SBS is an initiative to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and community. It focuses on achieving greater understanding of various process and ignite creative thinking by organising various workshops, competitions and interactive sessions with eminent personalities from industries where students, faculty members, alumni, industry experts and policy makers collaborate, learn and innovate.


  • To create a connect between the students and the outside world.
  • To provide students with a holistic experience in banking, financial markets and economy.
  • To ensure that financial managers are prepared to handle any financial situations in various industries.
  • To provide impetus for focused research, teaching, and knowledge dissemination on contemporary issues related to financial markets within the overall economic framework.

Centre For Banking, Financial Markets and Economy

The Centre not only educates the students but also reaches out to industry veterans and have periodic speaker sessions to expose students to the various practical aspects of finance. The Centre helps indulge the interest through competitions, workshops and professional opportunities. It plays an instrumental role in ensuring preparedness for placements, the Centre also endeavors to serve as a bridge between the industry and the student community.
The mission of the Centre For Banking and Finance Excellence is to support advanced applied research in financial markets and equip finance managers with the mathematical and conceptual theories and best practices in financial markets that go into the creation and management of innovative financial products.


  • To create a connect between the students and the outside world
  • To provide students with a holistic experience in banking, financial markets and economy
  • To ensure that financial managers are prepared to handle any financial situations in various industries
  • To provide impetus for focused research, teaching, and knowledge dissemination on contemporary issues related to financial markets within the overall economic framework.

Centre For Digital Transformation and Marketing

This Centre emphasizes to impart knowledge about the latest marketing trends to our students in order to empower budding marketers through information, education, simulation exercises, relationships and resources that will enrich their professional development and careers.

The Centre For Marketing Excellence facilitate to keep the students, faculty members abreast with the ever changing business environment and to equip them with the most updated information and skills to handle marketing situation and trends effectively. It provides support to conduct marketing research as required by the industry.


  • To conduct programs on digital skills to ensure scalability and self-sustainability in digital skills capacity development.
  • To accelerate the uptake of digital technologies among students and boost their capacity to succeed in the digital economy.
  • To provide research and other collaborative insights for Digital Transformation initiatives and provide significant value.
  • To provide an interactive platform to develop, share and disseminate the latest developments in the world of marketing.

Centre For Corporate Leadership and Organizational Development

Keeping in mind the fast moving technological changes, there is a need to transform the students into dynamic and innovative leaders to enable them to adopt a strategic approach towards organizational growth and development. There is also a necessity to develop the transition from learning to application in the real world.


  • To educate students in order to transform them into eloquent leader of tomorrow.
  • To enable a balance between the industry needs and academia.
  •  To upgrade & enhance the required competencies through knowledge sharing & learning.
  • To provide understanding of collective corporate leadership practices.
  • To achieve organizational collaborations and partnerships that build leadership capabilities and organizational excellence.

Centre For Business Analytics and Data Science

Analytics is a fast-growing STEM field with a high demand for individuals who possess the skills and expertise necessary to navigate the process of transforming data into insight for making sound business decisions. It’s the reason that SBS for the same has launched an interdisciplinary center in data science and business analytics.
SBS Centre For Business Analytics and Data Science provides essential training in probability, statistics, mathematics, and computing tools for the visualization and analysis of large datasets.


  • To develop competencies, via educational activities inside and outside the classroom, that promote teamwork skills, ability to present and discuss the results of one’s work effectively
  • To enhance students’ understanding of the role analytics plays in business leaders’ enterprises and the challenges their businesses face.
  • To enhance training and impart knowledge of business and data analytics by conducting training sessions, case competitions and providing networking opportunities.

Centre For Youth Development and Skill Training

In today’s digital world, there is a necessity to strengthen the student’s social, cognitive and behavioral competence to help them handle the various challenges. This Centre is focused on helping the students understand that their opinion matters, engage them in decision making and empowering them.


  • To enhance the student’s personality and skills.
  • To focus on making them employable as well as industry ready to face the real world with spirit.
  •  To develop dynamic personalities and skills with the holistic character formation.

Centre For Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

In view of the growing importance of good governance and social responsibility of corporations and their significant contributions to the national economy, SBS Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance has been established to serve as a resource centre in the areas of good governance, social responsibility and corporate citizenship for sustainable development of corporations both in the public and private sector, considering Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance have become two useful tools in the recent years for the organizations.
SBS Centre For Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance main purpose is to cultivate a spirit of social entrepreneurship amongst the students and brings the multidisciplinary contributions of various faculties under a single umbrella to improve the understanding of Governance, which encompasses Ethics and all aspects of Responsible Business and Sustainability. This Centre aims to provide an opportunity to students through which they can learn and grow along with social responsibilities. The activities undertaken through this Centre encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instils in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the community. This Centre consolidates all its acumen and energy to mould the students to become worthy, patriotic citizens and responsible citizens of our great Nation.


  • To enable the students not only to contribute towards “Corporate Social Responsibility” during their careers but also to become responsible citizens.
  • To empower students by providing opportunities to participate in social outreach programs so as to enable them to serve the underprivileged section of the society.
  •  To enable the students to contribute towards enhancing the quality-of-life underprivileged section of the society by willingly contributing skills and knowledge.
  • To create and disseminate knowledge in the area of corporate governance.

Centre For Rural-Urban Dynamics

Amidst the fast developing urban cities and towns, it becomes necessary to strengthen the civic services and basic infrastructures as well as services and supplies in rural areas for a balanced transformation. This Centre is focused on working towards the overall well-being for rural-urban dynamics.


  • To support programs that improve the economic wellbeing of women, children and physically challenged persons in the society through the collaborative efforts of other likeminded organizations.
  • To contribute working in the developmental sector especially to empower rural people, urban poor and marginalized populations.
  • To adopt measures for promoting better and more equitable integration of the rural sectors with the rest of the national economy.

Centre For Research and Development Studies

Research is the cornerstone methodology of any development as well as the dissemination of knowledge and information with the help of practices combined with theory. Thorough attention given to the relevance of the study would help in outreaching existing boundaries providing a valuable contribution to the business world.
The Research Centre encourages students, faculty members, and professionals to take up industry-sponsored research programs with the objective to facilitate original and high-quality research and consultancy. This would help to transform their knowledge and leadership for building equitable and sustainable societies.


  • To nurture research culture in students as well as faculty members by encouraging research in newly emerging and challenging areas from multidisciplinary fields.
  • To create an environment that engenders and fosters research.
  • To imbibe research driven pedagogy that nurtures critical thinking among students.
  • To promote and coordinate research on various development issues.

Centre For Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Centre aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone in the Institute regardless of race, caste, gender, ethnicity, religion or ability. The Centre is meant to create a safe space for individuals from diverse backgrounds and to promote awareness and sensitization about diversity, equity and inclusion in a meaningful manner.
SBS Centre For Diversity, Equity and Inclusion main purpose is to cultivate a sense of unity among all individuals in the Institute from all walks of life and backgrounds. In order to obtain equity among all at the institute, the Centre emphasizes on the importance of sharing the similarities and celebrating the differences too. The Centre believes in creating supportive environments that foster open communication and shared learning.


  • To raise awareness for the various population that exist in the Institute and that it should be supported and respected.
  • To enhance the Institute climate by ensuring that all students are accepted and can have a place to be themselves.
  • To provide peer to peer support and function as a healing space for students facing any adversity in their lives.
  • To learn about other cultures and communities in an effort to enhance empathys.