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About SBS

SASMIRA’s Business School (SBS) belongs to the family of 70 years old SASMIRA (approved body of the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India), with a rich educational heritage in the area of Textile and Management. SASMIRA’s Business School is located in the heart of Mumbai city with state-of-art infrastructure and has commenced in the Academic Year 2018.
SASMIRA’s Business School (SBS) takes a new look at management education, focusing on a corporate end-user-driven curriculum, designed and taught by the best of corporate leaders/ faculty members to create the next generation of corporate leaders. In a dynamic & rapidly evolving business environment, SBS aims to create future-ready corporate leaders & entrepreneurs who are well-equipped to handle the challenges thrust upon them.

The Institute takes pride in its faculty members which comprise of distinguished academicians and leading professionals of the business world. Our faculty members nurture the skill sets of the students to make them competent professional managers to work in diverse corporate sectors across the globe.
SBS offers various programs specifically designed to equip students with the required conceptual, interpersonal, and managerial decision-making skills. The SBS program is a transformational experience that stays with them lifelong and gives them the perspective to deal with complex and ever-changing realities of business and life.

Our Vision

To be a preeminent Centre of Excellence in Management Education, by offering high quality, career-oriented, and comprehensive business education for developing managerial, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills that combine well with strong humanistic, social, and ethical values.

Our Mission

  • To promote academic excellence through knowledge generation and dissemination.
  • To develop dynamic and industry-ready competent managers to lead in a changing global business environment
  • To continuously monitor and upgrade academic processes to meet the needs of the corporate world.
  • To nurture creativity and develop entrepreneurship skills to enhance employability and contribute to human resource development
  • To promote diversity, inclusion and ethical participation in varied field of business across the globe.