The Research Centre

Research is the cornerstone methodology of any development as well as dissemination of knowledge and information with the help of practices combined with theory. Thorough attention given towards the relevance of the study would help in outreaching existing boundaries providing a valuable contribution to the business world.
The Research Centre encourages students, faculty members and professionals to take up industry sponsored research programs with an objective to facilitate original and high quality research and consultancy.


SBS offers a doctoral program in management for those who are inclined to gain a profound understanding of research and contribute to the Industry as well as society.


Snapshot is SBS annual magazine aimed at disseminating information about the contribution from the faculties and students, as well as the major activities that occurred during the year. It was launched in the year 2021 with the aim of giving a glimpse of all the academic, social and cultural activities conducted by the institute. It broadly covers the multiple dimensions and spectrum of the events of the year. It gives a platform to the students and faculties to highlight their talents apart from the extra-curricular activities. 


Surge is the quarterly newsletter of SBS. It is designed to share the articles, news and updates organized by the institute.
All the important events organized during the quarter are recorded in detail so that the same can be made available as updates to all the stake-holders of the institute.


Samiksha is a Case Study Competition for students and is focused on solving real time cases on challenges and opportunities prevailing in the society. Samiksha offers a platform to students to utilize their teamwork, critical thinking, analyzing and decision-making skills to deduce a recommendation that they support in a presented case. As a form of grounded learning experience, this case study competition exposes students to real-world experiences, encourage them to take ownership of their learning and helps to assimilate their ideas into theory and practice.

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