Youthon-Annual Management Fest

Cultural Festival is the heartbeat of any student and at Sasmira’s Business School, we ensure that along with academics, students get ample opportunities to unleash their creative self and showcase their talent on a wider platform. YOUTHON aims to bring out the full potential of any student and give them confidence to perform on a larger stage.

YOUTHON -2021 was designed to conduct two broad categories – Management Games and Cultural festival titled as “Sasmira’s Got Talent”.

YOUTHON -2022 continued the legacy and celebrated with great vigour and verve. The event was spread over 2 days and divided into three segments:

  1. Outdoor sports events
  2. Management games events
  3. Cultural events

Samiksha – National Case Study Competition

Samiksha, is a National Case Study Competition for students which focuses on solving real time cases on challenges and opportunities prevailing in the society. In this competition, students utilize their teamwork, critical thinking, analysing and organizational skills to deduce a recommendation that they support in a presentation that they make. As a form of grounded learning experience, this case study competition exposes students to real world experiences, encourage them to take ownership of their learning and help to assimilate their ideas into theory and practice. With this view point and a continuing practice at SBS, the Case Study Competition was organised every year.

 “Samiksha, 2019” was organized on the theme “Exploring Social Issues and Social Challenges Prevailing in India” with an aim to explore the various social issues and social challenges prevailing in India so as to increase the awareness level among the students about these issues and challenges.

“Samiksha, 2021” was organized on the theme “Year 2021: Unlocking the Challenges and Opportunities” with an aim to explore and identify various challenges and opportunities to be unlocked in the Year 2021 so as to increase the awareness level among the students about these challenges and opportunities so as to find opportunities within a crisis or a challenge to unwind and look forward to new normal.

 “Samiksha, 2022” was organized on the theme “Restore our Earth: Role of Responsible Leadership” with an aim to ensure that for the sustainable flow of ecosystem services and products, the world must work to secure a net gain in the extent and functionality of native ecosystems by investing in environmental repair activities including earth’s restoration by way of focusing on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the earth. 

Utthaan-Annual CSR event

In view of the growing importance of social responsibility of corporations and their significant contributions to the national economy, SBS focuses on the areas of social responsibility and corporate citizenship for sustainable development of corporations both in the public and private sector by encouraging students to participate in many community development services. The community development services and initiatives are undertaken through various CSR activities planned, executed and implemented by specially created cell called as Utthaan- Elevating the Social Spirit.

At Sasmira’s Business School we strive to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility in our students towards the society and environment. For this, SBS has always put in the best of the efforts to perform an institute’s role in shaping the thought processes of its students and has, therefore, made social sensitivity a mainstay of its programme. Thus, at SBS we follow the practice of taking up a social cause and working towards it for an entire year and making fruitful contribution in that particular area. As we believe if you raise your hand, raise it for a cause and a cause that will follow atleast for a year to bring a noteworthy change.

The Social Cause in 2021: “Curb the problem of Drug Addiction”.

The Social cause in 2022: “Women Empowerment and Child Development”. 

Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

As the Government of India decided to celebrate the 75 years of Independence of India, with great excitement and tribute to people instrumental in bringing India thus far in its journey and the potential to activate India 2.0, powered by the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. ‘Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ means ‘Elixir of energy of independence. SBS too celebrated and commemorated 75 years of independence from British Raj and the glorious history of India’s people, culture and achievements through series of events organized from 13th August 2022-17th August 2022. The celebration in the institute marked the nation’s 75 glorious years of independence and was successful in igniting young minds with pride and respect for the country.

Management Film Festival

Management film festival provides a fascinating setting for organizational research. The students are bestowed with knowledge about industry needs, latest technological updates and the expected skill set, etc with the help of visual representation, i.e a skit, play, a drama or a movie. Film festival enables goals setting, professional ethics and understanding the corporate world scenario that makes the whole event a learning as well as an exciting experience for the students. In order to prepare students for the upcoming challenges of the corporate world, Management film festivals are organized.

With this mindset, Management film festival is organized every year for the first year students by the CoE – Youth Development & Skill Training of Sasmira’s Business School. The movies selected and shown give valuable management output to the students. It is indeed a great way to help students understand the different aspects of management in practical life.

Seminars and Workshops

National Marketing Seminar

COVID-19 pandemic inevitably accelerated changes in the consumption habits and caused digital purchases to grow, despite that, interacting with sales associates and the personalized service acquired by visiting a store is being missed, and some are not yet ready to give it up. In the face of this duality, the concept of Phygital marketing brings in the best of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail together. Thus, realizing the growing significance of the concept and to identify ways to merge the two worlds through Phygital marketing, so as to augment an existing, traditional idea with new technologies, a national marketing seminar was organized on the theme Phygital Marketing: A Tool to Bridge Physical and Digital World on 27th November 2021. The Chief Guest – Prof. (Dr.) David W. Stewart, Ph.D. Emeritus President’s Professor of Marketing and Business Law at Loyola Marymount University, California, USA gave deep insights into the theme for the day through the valuable information and facts shared.

The Guest speakers Mr. Vinayak Surve, Marketing Manager, Virbac Animal Health Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Piyush Nagda, Head Investment Products and Wealth Solutions, PL Wealth through their thought provoking address enabled the gathering to imbibe deep insights and enlightened the audience on the application of Phygital marketing thus making the seminar fruitful. After the address of the distinguished guests, the technical session began with paper presentations.

Entrepreneurship Summit

In today’s times, a management student should always have a perspective on Entrepreneurship and he, who hones the skills of an entrepreneur, will succeed in fulfilling the long-term objectives of his career. With this objective in mind, Sasmira’s Business School organized an Entrepreneurship Summit on the theme of “Entrepreneurship: A Paradigm Shift from Job Seekers to Job Creators” on 20th February 2021. Three first-generation entrepreneurs were invited to share their entrepreneurial journey with the students. The Summit educated the students on different aspects of entrepreneurship. The Chief Guest was Dr. Rahul Khandelwal, Founder and Owner- Khandelwal Lube, Ahmednagar and the Key Note Speakers were Ms. Komal Kiran Udhwani, Founder and Chief Trustee – Elysium Smiles Foundation NGO, Mumbai and Ms. Priyanka Thakkar, Founder and Owner – D’Olivia Events, Ahmedabad.

Regional Seminar

The Regional Seminar is a way of enhancing the students’ knowledge about the current market. In order to make the students aware of financial sector regulators that consist of the Securities and Market, Banking, Insurance, and Pension a Regional Seminar on commodity derivatives was organized for the students in association with MCX ISF on 9th February 2021. It has given students an idea about the mechanism of the financial markets that allow people to participate in trade, consisting of the Capital market, the Debt market, the Forex market, the Commodity market, and the Money market. The students got the opportunity to listen two keynote speakers from SEBI and MCX India Ltd Mr. Sandeep Kriplani, Deputy Manager, SEBI and Mr. Shrikant Koundinya, Assistant Vice president, MCX India Ltd.

The session gave the students an in depth knowledge about knowledge about continuous market analysis for better price discovery through online trading with real-time management of position limits and margin. The speaker for the session provided an informative and detailed presentation about ensuring daily and final settlements of cash and delivery in the commodity market.

HR Conclave

As the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on global economies, supply chains, and corporations were far-reaching and countries were grappling with historically high unemployment rates as stay-at-home-orders had upended livelihoods. The future of how societies function and the work culture that we are all familiar with, is uncertain and subject to rapid transformation. The situation called for hope, resilience, and an understanding of what the future holds for us.

Thus, with this view and to prepare the leaders of tomorrow, SBS organized a HR Conclave, on the theme- “Future Work Dynamics” on 31st October 2020. The Chief Guest was Prof. (Dr.) Shashikala Wanjari, Vice chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, the Key note Speakers were Mr. Atul Mulay, Director, Brown Bull Logistics Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Rashesh Doshi, CEO, Talent Corner. After an enlightening and enriching address by the Chief Guest and the key note speakers, the conclave witnessed the panel discussion of the dynamic HR leaders across top industries who shared their insights on invaluable industry experience and knowledge with the participants.

HR Seminar

Human resources are stepping into the spotlight with HR analytics. HR analytics helps gauge employee engagement and whether or not workers have the skills to reach company goals.  HR analytics allows human resources to interpret data, recognize trends or issues, and take proactive steps with different departments to keep the organization running smoothly and profitably. Thus, realizing the budding relevance of HR analytics, a seminar was organized on the theme “HR and Analytics: Role of Emotional and Artificial Intelligence in Professional Excellence” on 20th October 2018 in association with NIPM. The Keynote Speaker- Dr. Pramod Sadarjoshi, Founder and CEO, Talent Smith Consulting Inc. and the Guest Speakers Mr. Ashish Sen, Chairman, Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning (FEIL), Shibani Belvalkar, CEO, Theory of Purpose, Mr. Abhijit Mishra, Founder & MD, Nurture Resources and Mr. Vipul Vyas, Director, Mann, The Mind HR Facilitator and Life Coach addressed the audience and gave their valuable insights.

Webinar Series

Dynamics of Future Business: a Global Management Perspective

We live in an incredibly dynamic age with an unprecedented rate of innovation and technology continues to play a central role. But technology alone does not drive commerce forward. Rather, the developments across the three primary domains of business – the workforce, the workplace, and technology and how the individual elements within these domains interact will define the next chapter of business.

We are aware of the fact that Global management and innovation are essential to transform into a future leader. Thus, to augment the knowledge and enhance the skills of the budding aspirants to become successful managers, Sasmira’s Business School has organized 5 days webinar on Dynamics of Future Business: A Global Management Perspective from 22th September to 27th September, 2022.  The webinar series was indeed a great learning experience for all the participants and enable them to gain valuable insights throughout the sessions conducted during the entire week.

Ignite the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in You

Entrepreneurship is a major feature of an economic landscape.  It is one of the drivers of economic growth, job creation, and the source of countless ideas, many of which are successfully translated into products and services that touch citizens across our country and around the world, saving lives and enhancing the quality of life.

We are aware of the fact that Entrepreneurship and innovation are central to Prime Minister Modi’s vision for transforming India and India no doubt has a rich tradition of entrepreneurship. Thus, with an objective to enhance knowledge and kindle the skills of the young minds aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs, Sasmira’s Business School has organized 5 days webinar on Ignite the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in You from 26th July to 30th July, 2021. This webinar series gave an insight into the various topics taken up in the entire week and with key takeaways and a great sense of satisfaction.

Management 4.0: Developing Future Managers and Leaders

Successful leadership and management are based on both internal and external factors, but it is the internal ones that sharpen a leader’s and manager’s cognitive compass of self-management and ability to manage others. Thus, with this view in mind, SBS organized a 6 days webinar series on the theme- Management 4.0: Developing Future Managers and Leaders from 1st June to 6th June 2020. This webinar addressed the gap by focusing on how to help future leaders and managers grow their mindsets and skills, rather than just their knowledge.

Guest lectures

Guest Lecture on Financial Planning and Wealth Management

A Guest Lecture was scheduled on 23rd August 2022 on Financial Planning and Wealth Management. The session was organized by SBS CoE: Banking, Financial Markets and Economy to provide an insight to the learners on creation of wealth and planning and management of finances. The guest speaker Ms. Yukti Gada- Assistant VP CFP at Financial Planning Academy though provoking address enhanced the students’ knowledge and enable them to understand the role of financial planning and wealth management and its significance in their life.

Guest Lecture on Fintech: Creative Innovation for Entrepreneurs

A guest lecture was organized by SBS CoE: Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship on 22nd August 2022. The guest speaker Prof. Vaishali Ojha- Innovation Ambassador IIC- CII-KESSC shared her valuable insights to acquaint students with use of technology in provision of financial and banking services via start-ups.

Guest Lecture on Significance of Statistics in Research Methodology

A guest session was organized on the topic Significance of Statistics in Research Methodology on 9th September 2021. The Guest Speaker Prof. Gayatri Magi gave an insight into the various steps involved in a research process and also about the need for developing a hypothesis for research. The students derived a great deal of knowledge about the same. Prof. Gayatri also gave inputs about career options available in analytics and research and also shared her own life experiences with regards to the topic.

Guest Lecture on Foreign Language an upper edge to career graph

In business abroad it’s essential to have basic language skill which helps in many ways. For the reason to learn language skill, its prospectus in business, a session was organized with Ms. Rakhi Ranade who is well known expert, Professional Trainer and Translator in foreign language. The speaker has spoken about importance of foreign language in today’s scenario in the world of business. Emphasis on learning foreign language by the management graduate to benefited them more in MNC. She has spoken on top 4 foreign languages with the most speakers (Natives and Non-Natives) are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Guest lecture on “Stress Management”

The Guest lecture on “Stress Management” was conducted for all the PGDM students in our college on 07th September 2021. Dr. Anil kumar Garg, International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Coach and Counsellor, Strategic Thinker and Empowering Leader was a resource person. The speaker dealt with the inter association between spirituality, emotional intelligence and stress and also suggested that by considering, accepting and adopting intrusion based on spirituality and emotional intelligence dimensions, stress can be reduced. He also stressed that stress among students can cause adverse mental and physical side effects if left unaddressed. A simple mediation activity was done to explain how to overcome the stress in their life.

Industrial Visits

International Industrial visit


In order to broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries an industrial visit was organized in Dubai with an objective to open new horizons for them to learn and grow. Sasmira’s Business School and Sasmira’s Institute of Management and Research planned an industrial visit to NAKHEEL’s office and AUD (American University of Dubai) located in the industrial sector for the students of PGDM.


In order to enhance the academics capacity of students’ practical exposure and for overall knowledge enhancement of the students, SBS organized an industrial visit for PGDM students to Malyasia. The visit was planned at Royal Selangor which is a Pewter making factory is located at Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and to Asia Pacific University.

Domestic Industrial Visit

Jodhpur & Jaisalmer

An Industrial visit was organized for the students to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The visit was planned to Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd, Saras Diary and Basant Handicrafts.

Shimla and Chandigarh

An Industrial visit was organized for the students to Shimla and Chandigarh. The visit was planned to Amartex, which is a fabric manufacturing industry and is into weaving, dyeing processing, garmenting, etc. The next visit was planned to Verka dairy industry. The visit was aimed at providing exposure of in-depth analysis of production operations being followed by the company.


An Industrial visit was organized for the students to Parle factory, Pioneer Industries Pvt Ltd at Silvassa.

Local Industrial Visit

Local industrial visit are organized for the students such as Bisleri, Mahalakshmi saras, Palladium Mall, Museum of Indian Cinema, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Guest lecture on International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

A Guest lecture was scheduled on International Day against Drug Abuse, challenges of drug and tobacco addiction. The guest lecture was scheduled on 26th June 2021 to enable them to understand the ill effects of drug consumption. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Pradeep Kamble, Program Officer, SRKPS (NGO), Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Blood Donation Camp

With an aim to contribute to society’s betterment, a blood donation camp was organized by Sasmira in association with Nair hospital. All the teaching, non-teaching staff displayed full commitment and involvement in the cause and turned up in large numbers to donate blood. Students also enthusiastically created awareness and donated blood.

Covid 19 Vaccination Drive

As the world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, several preventative measures have been advised to keep oneself protected. One of the preventive measures is getting oneself vaccinated. In the time of running shortage in procuring vaccination doses, Sasmira organized a free Covid 19 vaccination drive in association with Surana hospital on 24th June 2021 for general public and its staff members.

Celebrating Friendship Day with Nature (Rose Sapling Plantation)

Sasmira’s Business School (SBS) Centre of Excellence for CSR and Corporate Governance celebrated the friendship day on 6th August 2022 with nature in a special way to ingrain their bond of love and to restore Mother Earth. The students along with the faculty members at SBS donated rose saplings and tied friendship bands on the trees specifically green in colour to express their friendship and love for nature and mother earth; and took an oath on the occasion of Friendship Day to protect them.

Several rose saplings were donated and planted around the college boundary to mark the renewal of friendship with nature. The plantation drive is a social step taken forward towards the Green Campus initiative and was carried out under the theme, “Celebrating Friendship Day with Nature” to reinforce a sense of responsibility in the students towards the nature.  The purpose of this drive was to develop sensitivity towards the nature by doing something worthwhile and concrete to save our Mother Earth.

Each student left the place with a silent promise of taking care of their new green friend, they planted and to continue rendering their share of responsibility towards our Mother Earth and the nature. SBS with this plantation drive hopes for a sustainable environment consciousness condition for the future to increase the green cover.

Cleanliness Drive

The Government of India launched an initiative in the important sphere of Swachhta named “Swachhta Hi Seva”, where Educational Institutions have a key role to perform. Thus with this objective in mind Sasmira in order to further contribute their role in the existing measures being undertaken in ensuring hygiene so that mission mode pursuit leads to a mind-set of zero tolerance towards anything unhygienic organized a cleanliness drive from Sasmira to Worli Sea face.

Infact, a drawing competition along with the cleanliness drive was held too. The theme for the same was “Swachhta Hi Seva“. The competition was open for all Sasmira students.

Student Council

SBS constitutes a Student Council Committee to instil leadership qualities in students and experience the functioning of an administrative body. The members of the Student Council take charge of Institute’s affairs and also pledge to take it to new heights with their leadership, decision-making skills, communication and teamwork. Donning the mantle of responsibility, Student Council members take the Oath and pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities and abide by rules and regulations of the Institute.



Sr Number Name of the Committee
1 Anti - Ragging Committees
2 Grievance Redressal Committee
3 Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) (Sexual Harassment at Workplace {Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal} Act)
4 Students Welfare Committee
5 Mentoring and Counseling Committee
6 Women Development Cell
7 Training and Placement Cell
8 External Relations Committee
9 Research and Publication Committee
10 Research Editorial Committee
11 Extra-Curricular Activities Committee (Cultural Committee)
12 Library Advisory Committee
13 Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ECell)
14 Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
15 IT and Media Committee
16 Alumni Relations Committee


The Entrepreneur cell (E-cell) is aimed at supporting and inspiring the budding entrepreneurs and the enthusiastic students towards their goals through required mentoring and fostering. The necessary resources would be obtained through networking, alumni-cell and other stake-holders.


SBS has always endeavoured to provide its students with something extra to make them and the institute unique. Encouragements, enthusiasm, excellency are the major aspects of SBS. With an object of ‘encouraging the spirit of innovations’ and business, SBS hosts an event named Innobiz. Innobiz is an activity of the Entrepreneurship Cell(E-cell) which is set up to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students with the tag line ‘Dream Design Develop’.